03232014 Oscar

Mar 25

We had a great work session yesterday.  Below highlights  some of the modifications to date:

02322014 mods

The team took the robot for a couple of walks down the driveway.  Forward speed seems to be about right for a parade, although the linear actuator takes awhile to extend and contract (we use this to steer the robot).  Since the acuator seems to be quite powerful, we are experimenting with changing the connection points so it doesn’t have to travel as far to get the same effect.

There are a several fine tuning elements still being worked on. Once the Spy Bot competition is complete (later this week), we’ll work on integrating the Vex controls.


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  1. Beardedman /

    Great progress this Sunday! Someone may need to check the photo listing a “Boat wench,” as it may give the wrong impression…

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