Running hot – solved!

Apr 13

Lee Bryant worked this past week on the overheating problem (burned motor controller) at his shop (Unlimited Power Sports) and found what we believe to be the source of the problem.

You can see from the 2 photos below the wear pattern of the thrust bearings.  The flat washers (supposed to be flat) are now grooved or countersunk due to the friction of the thrust bearing sliding over the surface instead of rolling.

ResizedImage_1397100718175   ResizedImage_1397100902467



The gear on the right is on a fixed shaft and is the one with the bad bearings.  The camera flash masked the smoke during troubleshooting:


You can see the trash flushed out of the bearings in what looks like oil under the robot:


Here’s a photo of the bearings inside the gear – it appears to be in great shape:



The bushings in the brush and spindle plates were cleaned and lubricated:

ResizedImage_1397101493368       ResizedImage_1397101700977

The robot has been re-assembled with new bearings and tested – it runs better than ever and is ready for the next work session.

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  1. Beardedman /

    I loved the first nighttime run of the robot! The light effects we’re awesome and the newfound speed and acceleration are a huge bonus! Thanks to everyone that came out to shop to test the motor/bearing/gear drive. All we have to do now is resolve the clutch/gear slip and we’ll be on the downhill slide!

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