Homecoming parade preparations

Sep 21

A great opportunity  for Oscar to participate in the Dripping Springs Homecoming parade (10/8/2014) presented itself and we’ve signed Oscar up!

We plugged in all the batteries and turned Oscar on and… well… we have a few challenges to work through to get him parade worthy.

Turns out the potentiometer that is used as feedback for the steering the program is providing “whacky” results.  These in turn create confusion for the program resulting in an unruly robot  that occassionally does not respond quickly to the driver commands.

In the process of troubleshooting this we’ve come across mechanical issues and additional firmware versioning issues amongst the RobotC development environment and Vex Cortex components hat have add complications to the mix (see the post from 3/29/2014 for a hint at the complexities).

We’ve replaced the troublesome potentiometer and are looking at modifying the program to ensure a happy excursion for Oscar during the Homecoming parade on October 8th.

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