2/29/2014 BEST Update

Sep 30

The BEST team completed several milestones this first week:

On Thursday, the platform from the club’s first robot from 2011, “The Doctor”, was reassembled and a simple program written so it can be used by both the Build/Design/Test and Strategy/Controls (Programming) teams to aid in determining design work and game strategy development.

Additionally, several components for the game field have been completed so the students have a clearer idea of what the robot needs to accomplish.  This also allows students to practice driving and have more time to work with the programmers to enhance the controls prior to the competition.

The students led several brainstorming sessions on marketing deliverables to address the criteria listed on the judges scoring sheets – they have some great ideas!

A few modifications to the program for Oscar (the parade robot) were completed. The kids took him out on a test drive this past Sunday and noticed a couple of things.  One more programming/debugging session and he will be ready for the Homecoming parade on October 8th, so if you haven’t already, please mark your calendars.  More information on the parade meeting location and exact time will be forthcoming.




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