Check Out the Turbine Tigers!

Dec 12

Tomorrow is our FIRST Lego League qualifier at Dripping Springs High School! The kids on the FLL team have done a great job getting ready for the competition – the project board is finished, the robot is programmed, the batteries are charged. One of the main parts of the project is a great web site put together by John Yim. You can get to it by scanning the QR code below or clicking here. You’ll find great information on wind energy there and some super videos produced by the team – check it out!Turbine Tigers QR CodeHere are a few photos taken during yesterday’s final presentation rehearsals.

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FLL Update 12/8/2014

Dec 08

Members of the First Lego League Robotics team from Dripping Springs Middle School took a short field trip to Carol Taylor’s second grade class on Friday. The Turbine Tigers team has been working on how to better teach the topic of wind energy to young kids. They are building a website, incorporating age-appropriate student-produced videos, jokes, games, and wind energy facts. Mrs. Taylor’s class watched the team perform one of their original skits, learned about wind energy, built models of wind turbines, and gave feedback on how to improve the site.

The team has been preparing for the regional FLL competition that will be held on December 13th at DSHS, which will include a robotics competition as well as presentations of the team projects.

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FLL World Class Project Video

Sep 29

Have you seen the official FLL project video for this year’s competition? Here it is…

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FLL 2014

Sep 25

FLL has gotten off to a somewhat slow start this year due to some hiccups with team registration but hopefully these are behind us now and we can get up and running with our project and robot work next week. One Tuesday, we’ll brainstorm ideas for the project – we need to pick some subject that we all want to learn about, research how it’s taught today and come up with some fun, new ways that it could be taught in the future. Once we have a subject picked, I’ll see if I can find some experts to come and talk to us about it.

As far as the robot goes, the new game rules are available and everyone should be reading them to get an idea of the problems they should be building the robot to solve. You can find the information on the main FLL site at Click the “Download Challenge” link to get the document with the field, mission and scoring information. We’ll have a short quiz with prizes next Tuesday so getting up to speed on the scoring and rules may be profitable!

To help keep everyone informed, we also have a mailing list that you can subscribe to. You can find the sign up page here and I promise we won’t send more than a couple of emails a week.

Mr. Wilson

PS: I would really appreciate a couple more adult volunteers to help out with the project side of the competition. Currently there are only two of us involved and there’s a lot to cover when we’re both new to the team. If you can help out, please drop me a line at or give me a call on 512 299 1763.

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Welcome Mr. Joe Davis

Sep 24

Please welcome Mr. Joe Davis as an additional faculty sponsor for the DSMS Robotics club.  Mr. Davis will be assisting parent mentor, Dave Wilson, with the FLL competition this fall allowing Mr. Norman time to work more closely with the BEST team.



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2014 FLL Teaser

Mar 29


See more at:

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