Robotics Update: Oscar 10/5/14

Oct 07

Over the weekend we have made substantial progress to Oscar. We have fixed bugs in the programing, one of which has halted Oscar’s movement.

Here is a picture of Oscar:


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Homecoming parade preparations

Sep 21

A great opportunity  for Oscar to participate in the Dripping Springs Homecoming parade (10/8/2014) presented itself and we’ve signed Oscar up!

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Oscar Live Stream

Apr 25

Oscar will stream video from the 2014 Dripping Springs Founder’s Day parade starting at 6:30 pm.  Click the play button to start streaming.


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Running hot – solved!

Apr 13

Lee Bryant worked this past week on the overheating problem (burned motor controller) at his shop (Unlimited Power Sports) and found what we believe to be the source of the problem.

You can see from the 2 photos below the wear pattern of the thrust bearings.  The flat washers (supposed to be flat) are now grooved or countersunk due to the friction of the thrust bearing sliding over the surface instead of rolling.

ResizedImage_1397100718175   ResizedImage_1397100902467

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04062014 Spring Bot Update

Apr 07

We had a rather exciting end to our work session yesterday, but before we get to that… here’s a video from last week:


Now onto Sunday’s events… here are some of the other challenges we worked on.

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Problems with VEXnet 2.0 release (March 2014)

Mar 29

After not using the VEX components for several months, they had problems at the school staying paired (the joystick would lose communications with the cortex).  We brought the robots home and experienced the same issues.  A little research online showed that the old black keys (radio transmitters that reside in both the joystick and cortex) were prone to interference from newer wireless networking equipment.

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